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Karmapa | Top

The 17th Gyalwang Karmapa's spiritual album, Refuge was Published by PBC Music, Taiwan, in 2010.

His Holiness is the highest spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism. It was with great honor that I was invited to produce two music pieces of his chanting on the album Refuge for his Holiness in Bodhgaya.

My Album | Top

Humanity, the first album of the album series Clean Your Heart, published by Taihe Rye Music, Beijing, in 2009.

In Humanity, cutting edge musician Xiao Ci hopes to emphasize the best that human nature has to offer. It is the first fusion of pop culture and meditation music in China. Inspired by the The Diamond Sutra, it conveys the pursuits of life, such as happiness, love, and wealth, as well as beliefs and blessings. It provides its listeners with a harmonious and serene imaginary space.

As the central figure in the album, Xiao Ci composed and produced these songs. Through collaboration with a number of Living Buddhas and monks in Tibetan Buddhism, Xiao Ci integrated the scriptures and prayers into music in Chinese, Sanskrit, Tibetan and other languages.

Xiao Ci has traveled in Tibet, Nepal, India and Southeast Asia in order to preserve and develop the beauty of the original folk music. In her travels, she archived a large collection of local voice, musical and religious instruments. Combining these elements with pop, electronic, world, new age, and experimental music, as well as with other audio engineering and vocal performance techniques, Xiao Ci created a mystical romantic surrealism and a brand new listening experience. Each of the eleven pieces of Humanity is full of sincerity and surprise. It is an album worth listening more than once.

Buddhigy | Top

Buddhist chanting fused with computer science and music technology - a new style called "Buddhigy."

Buddhigy is still under development. The following compositions are the seeds to this new style:

Composition, Arrangement, Recording, Performance and Mixing: Cecilia Wu (Xiao Ci)

Title: Guru Rinpoche
Genre: Buddhigy
Singer: Xiao Ci
Guitar: Jay Kadis

Title: The World
Genre: Buddhigy
Singer: Xiao Ci
Solo: Michael J. Wilson
Guitar: Jay Kadis
Note: The Lyrics are from a poem written by the young spiritual leader of Tibet, his Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa.

World, we live and die on your lap
On you, we play out all our woes and joys
You are our home, an old ancient one
Forever we cherish you; we could not bear your loss
We wish to transform you into the pure realm of our dreams
Into a field where all creatures live without prejudice and all are equal
We wish to transform you into a loving warm gentle goddess
Our wish to embrace you is unchangeably stead fast
To that end be the ground which sustains us all
Do not show us the dark side of your character
And we too will transform you
All your corners into fertile fields of peace and happiness
May the harvest of joyfulness and freedom's million sweet scents
fulfill our limitless infinite wishes
So we pray

Experimental | Top

Title: Chanting and Chatting (Home Brew)
Genre: Computer Generated
Composer: Xiao Ci
Note: This piece is inspired by Professor Paul Lansky's album Homebrew

Title: Light Speed (Drum Machine Experiment)
Genre: Computer Generated
Composer: Xiao Ci

Title: Action Movie (Data Sonification and Sound Design)
Genre: Computer Generated
Composer: Xiao Ci

Title: Anger
Genre: Sound Effects
Composer: Xiao Ci
Note: Anger is natural for the immature to harm others. Getting angry with them is like resenting a fire for burning. When reason ends, then anger begins. Therefore, anger is a sign of weakness.

Title: Arrogance
Genre: Sound Effects
Composer: Xiao Ci
Note: Self-assertive or an exaggerated positive evaluation of oneself, often based on a devaluation of others.

Title: Greed
Genre: Sound Effects
Composer: Xiao Ci
Note: Greed is the desire that comes from a black hole of need. It can be compared to fire. If we grasp fire, what happens? Does it lead to happiness?

Title: Ignorance
Genre: Sound Effects
Composer: Xiao Ci
Note: Ignorance is not only not knowing, but also includes not wanting to know.

Title: Suspicion
Genre: Sound Effects
Composer: Xiao Ci
Note: Although individuals may be highly intelligent, they are sometimes dogged by skepticism and doubts. They are clever, but they tend to be hesitant and skeptical and are never really able to settle down.

Commissioned Work | Top

I have created over 70 compositions that have been published. Listed here is a brief sample. My favorites include the following:

Title: Remember, Forgive and Forget
Genre: Ballad
Singer: Lin Fan
Publisher: Rock Records 2011

Title: The Secret Code of Moon
Genre: Alternative Rock
Singer: Khloe Chu
Publisher: EMI Records 2010

Title: Free Your Mind
Genre: Pop Rock
Singer: Man Wen Jun
Publisher: Taihe Rye Music 2009

Title: Living Beings
Genre: World / Electronic
Singer: June Zhu
Publisher: Universal Music 2007

Title: The Thorn Bird (No Leg Bird)
Genre: Ballad
Singer: Xiao Ci
Publisher: Starsing Records 2007

Title: Time Rewinding 20 Years
Genre: R&B Ballad
Singer: Qu Ying
Publisher: Starsing Records 2006

Title: Fly Me Away
Genre: Big Band / Jazz Orchestra
Singer: Lu Yi
Publisher: Sony Records 2006

Title: Tears of Happiness
Genre: Electronic Ballad
Singer: Li Hui Zhen
Publisher: Huayi Brothers Media Group 2005

Title: Don't Cry My Love
Genre: Electronic Bossa Nova
Singer: Ye Bei
Publisher: Warner Records 2005

Title: Why You Leave
Genre: Soundtrack
Singer: Various Artists
Publisher: Taihe Film Investment Co., Ltd 2004
Note: Waiting Alone is an award-winning film in the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Title: One Man Battle
Genre: Soft Rock
Singer: Huang Zheng
Publisher: Huayi Brothers Media Group 2004

Title: Won't Let You Down
Genre: Electronic Rock
Singer: Chen Ming
Publisher: China Poly Group Corporation 2003

Title: Lost in Broadway
Genre: Musical
Singer: Boy Zone
Publisher: EEG Records 2001


Title: It's My CCRMA
Genre: Bossa Nova
Singer: Xiao Ci
Note: This is a very short piece that I wrote and sang for my beloved CCRMA at Stanford University.

Title: The World (Piano Version)
Genre: Spiritual
Composer: Xiao Ci and Marc Evans
Note: Voice with background noise was recorded by a monk from a new year teaching given by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa in Bodhgaya.

Title: Green Light
Genre: New Age
Singer: Xiao Ci
Flute: Michael J. Wilson
Cello: Sarah Smith
Banjo: Jiffer Harriman
Bass: Jay Kadis